Have you thought about trying yoga but feel unsure of where to start or what to expect?

We’ve got you covered. Read on to learn:
how yoga will benefit you | how to get started | what to expect in class

It’s no secret we love yoga.

We believe yoga is truly for everyone; all ages, all body types and all strength and flexibility levels. Whether you’re injured, skeptical or eager; not a spiritual person, a work-out enthused gym rat, a meditation lover, a professional athlete or just looking for something to help you let go of physical and mental stress: yoga is more than just a physical practice, the benefits follow us off the mat into our lives.

Why should YOU practice Yoga?

Do you experience anxiety? Back pain? Physical discomfort or sleepless nights? Yoga will help!
Yoga impacts our mental and physical body as it: 
-Helps to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, appetite, mental funks, and muscle tensions.
-Helps to increase mobility, stamina, endurance, range of motion and flexibility on the mat AND in all other fitness routines, athletic ventures and life habits.
-Helps to lessen injuries and chronic pain: tight shoulders, sore backs, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, stress, migraines and more.

Yoga impacts our lifestyle as it:
-Helps us learn to live, eat and have relationships more mindfully.
-Encourages us to take time for self-care.
-Motivates us to incorporate more physical movement in our lives.
-Makes it possible to release stress and sleep better at night.

Whatever your purpose for starting yoga, there are many options to explore & create the practice you want & need.

How to get started:

We recommend our Sweat Level 1 classes to help you get acquainted with yoga and understand the basic foundational postures that you’ll use as you move on to more classes and levels. Some great classes for starters include:
– Create Yin Yang Sweat Level 1
– Create Slow Flow Sweat Level 1

You may also enjoy:
-Restorative Yoga
-Candle Lit Meditation

No matter which style you choose, you can expect:

to sweat and release tension, to learn that your body is capable of way more than you think it is, to become more active, body aware and fit, and to realize there are no expectations of you, other than what you put on yourself!

Bring: your mat (or use one of ours for free!), your towel (we’ve got those for free for you, too!) and a bottle for water (you can fill it up at our alkaline station!) and most importantly, YOU + your will to try new things!