Insight + Interview: ph8 Foundation

When you put your passion out there without inhibitions, you realize people who have aligned passions start showing up all around you. We are so grateful to all of the incredible people and companies we have already been able to work with! Whether you call it “law of attraction,” “destiny” or maybe “ph8” (ha!) we are sure these partnerships are purposeful. And so? We want to give you the inside look on what makes these people so inspiring. We got the chance to sit down with ph8 foundation and chat about their story. Check it out below and join us TODAY for a donation-based class where you can meet them in person, support the cause and vision.
What is ph8 Foundation? 
The pH8 foundation is a group of close friends that believe that Clean Water, Healthy Food, Quality Healthcare an Enriching Education, and Clean Energy are basic human rights which everyone in the world can and must have access to. We began with the mission to end Global Thirst within our lifetime because access to clean, safe water helps make the rest possible. However, understanding that we can and must do more, we are also launching initiatives for self-sufficient social enterprises that empower communities in the developing world to flourish and alleviate poverty – one of the other largest hurdles in achieving equality.
How did the creation of ph8 foundation come about?
Originally, we had an idea to start a bottled water company geared toward bringing alkaline water to the mainstream. From the start, we planned to start a companion nonprofit with the mission of eliminating Global Thirst which would be funded by the company’s profits. As time went on, we decided to make a difference NOW rather than waiting until we had a profitable business. These issues need our attention today and we have the ability to help right away, so here we are!
How do you even go about beginning such a HUGE, important venture?
Just like anything else that one considers important in life, we have to take it one day at a time. Finding out what needs there are, deciding on a mission, raising awareness, doing the work. It is really simple overall, but the challenges come in making progress every day.
Where do you see a need for creating change in our world today?
This may be the most exciting time to be alive all of human history! Every day there are new technologies and innovations that move us closer to a world where every person on Earth has access to their basic human rights/needs. We are embarking on a future where humanity can thrive, not just survive, and it is truly amazing. Change needs to occur on every front to make this possible, so we encourage everyone to support the implementation of these innovations around the world. A wonderful and inspiring resource to get familiar with some of these world-changing inventions is the film “Billions in Change” which can be viewed on YouTube for free.
Why water? Drop your knowledge on us! 
Water is all around us! Roughly 75% of our planet’s surface is covered in water, our bodies are 70-75% water, our brain is 90% water. It is the essence of life. However there are over 663 million people on this planet (twice the population of the United States, plus another California) that lack access to clean water. Knowing that humanity possesses the tools in order to put an end to this and that we can make transformative change possible by ending the Global Water Crisis, we decided to begin there.
What motivates you to give back in your own life?
My biggest motivation is knowing that we are not here on this planet forever. We are just stopping by to pay a little visit. We all share the same air, the same water, the same atoms. Knowing that, I feel we are in a special position to share the privilege and abundance we have with others in the world who don’t, because we are all here together.
How do you suggest people get involved in giving back? How can we be the most effective with our efforts?
It’s all about intention. I strongly encourage people to get involved in local activities that give back to the community, like CREATE yoga! There are many ways to get involved that can enhance the community and enhance your spirit. As long as you find something that you’re passionate about you can make a difference.
What do you see as the future of the ph8 foundation? where do you plan to be in a year? in 5 years? 10 years?
-Over the coming year we will expand our scope and our impact, finding as many areas we can make a difference in through providing clean water and helping to alleviate poverty around the world.
-In 5 years we will be a fully operational nonprofit with offices around the world, on the brink of achieving our goal of ending Global Thirst
-In 10 years Global Thirst will likely be a thing of the past (the UN’s goal for global access to clean water is the year 2030, but we believe it can happen sooner) and we will still have plenty work to do in poverty alleviation and creating avenues for social enterprises in the developing world.
How can the community support ph8 foundations efforts? 
Following us on social media is probably the best way to stay up to date with our projects. Anyone in the Los Angeles area is welcome to attend our upcoming events (more info on Facebook) and
if you are compelled by our mission and would like to donate, feel free to go and support! We use the 100% Charity Model, so you can be sure that the entirety of your contribution goes toward funding our projects, not our pockets.