Why we proudly choose to work business to business:

We are excited to partner and collaborate with companies we love; especially those that provide an exceptional experience for their customers and choose to be mindful of our health and planet, while finding ways to give back. We couldn’t be more proud to say that we are unique to our industry in our efforts to work business to business. Because our company hopes to set an example as one that values community over singular-minded profit, we strive to promote authenticity through action by truly loving what we offer, sell, talk about and purchase. Therefore, we do the same with our partnerships. We work to build sustainable, impactful relationships and so, continue to invite our partners into all things community related to expand opportunities and create amazing experiences for our people. We figure: if we are all trying to accomplish the same thing, why not do it together?

If you are looking for ways to broaden your company or product reach, we offer many ways to collaborate, showcase, support and utilize your products and services–also backed by the intention to support a good cause.

Drop us a line and let us know how you would like to be a part of our community at Create Yoga; the opportunities to create change are endless.

We value giving back to offset our business’s carbon footprint.

We take a stand to make a difference and continuously look for ways to give back, show support to the planet and cultivate a brighter, healthier future. How we spend our money in modern times reflects on the continuous growth of local commerce. As such, we acknowledge that beliefs systems can only go so far; big change begins with local action, and now. We’d like to encourage a shift and bring more awareness to the power of your pocket book; we aim to do this by continuously partnering with nonprofits and charities that use their energy with purpose to offer support to our planet; people, places and causes in need.

Because we are passionate about keeping our efforts consistent and tangible we began Create Change Community Day: an event where we donate all proceeds from an in studio yoga class + a live DJ + fun social activities to a chosen charity. Through these efforts we aim to partner with up to 12 charities per year. While considering ways to provide charitable support, we realized giving back was even more impactful in creative, fun and community-based ways. We find when you bring people together, shed light on topics we all care about and do so in a relatable and connected way, everyone gets something in return.

Business sponsorships, corporate events and ways we can help you:

We understand the rising need to provide and offer positive health options, team building events and ways to show both employee AND customer appreciation. Consequently, we offer our partners support in variety of ways, one of which includes hosting corporate events on location or in studio. Above all, we believe that we are only as good as our employees are happy; and the people who gift us their time to be a part of our movement are the utmost important to us. As a result, our customers and employees have grown to expect integrity and authenticity. When we partner with a brand or receive sponsorship we expect to continue this reputation: we go above and beyond to make sure our companies’ ethics are aligned, that the collaboration is mutually beneficial, and that all products donated will have high visibility to our social influencers, students and community.

Sponsorship/Partner Benefits: 
  • Create Change community day involvement opportunities and donations
  • Website, press, newsletter + social media presence
  • In house photography for your brand + product
  • Exclusive invites to showcase brand through product tables or representatives at events around LA (and soon beyond!)
  • Continued support, praise and authentic person to person brand awareness
  • Introductions and opportunities to partner and work with our social influencer community

Corporate events and other possibilities: 

  • Custom corporate wellness packages on site
  • Corporate in studio (or locally designed) employee programs
  • Custom corporate wellness and fitness retreats
  • Exclusive invites to charitable and tax deductible event and retreat opportunities
  • Create Change community day involvement opportunities
  • Website, press, newsletter + social media presence

Charities + Nonprofits We Work With

Sponsor / Partner Companies